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The Violet Crumble® Product Range

Shatteringly delicious

  • Violet Crumble Cubes 6oz

  • Violet Crumble Dark Cubes 6oz

  • Violet Crumble Nuggets 4.76oz

  • Violet Crumble Bars 1.75oz & 1.05oz

  • Violet Crumble Mint Cubes 6oz Available for a Limited Time Only ‘Holidays 2024‘

Australia's Violet Crumble®

The history behind Australia’s first chocolate bar

A true Aussie confectionery icon, the Violet Crumble® was Australia’s first chocolate bar.  1st introduced back in 1913 by Abel Hoadley, the shattering candy honeycomb was named after his wife’s favourite flower, the violet!  The ‘crumble’ bit, well that will be obvious once you take your first bite and experience for yourself, Violet Crumble’s uniquely, explosive, earth shattering candy honeycomb center!

From its humble beginnings as a single bar, today our delicious range of candy honeycomb now includes Violet Crumble Cubes, Violet Crumble Nuggets and Violet Crumble bars in both standard and king size. 

Located in Adelaide South Australia, we have over 150 years of tradition and experience and are a family business spanning over four generations. Led today by brothers Phil Sims and Richard Sims, we are the largest manufacturer of candy honeycomb in Australia and export all over the globe!

Few companies survive without innovation and development, but staying true to our values and only using the finest ingredients has been a key player in our success.  Our modern export accredited food production facilities enables us to produce some of the most appetising products in the Australian and international markets today.

All Violet Crumble products are made at our factory in Adelaide, South Australia.

Where can I buy Violet Crumble®?

Available at these retailers

  • Bristol Farms

  • Cost Plus World Market

  • Publix

  • Wegmans

  • Cracker Barrel

  • CVS Pharmacy


  • Harris Teeter

  • Ingles

  • Kroger

  • Lowes Foods

  • Market Basket

  • Ralphs

  • Rite Aid

  • Ross

  • Schnucks

  • United Supermarkets

  • Weis

  • Winn Dixie

  • Woodmans Market

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